Do you have a party or event coming up that you want your guests to have the time of their lives. We don't offer the usual drab Karaoke with 60 year old hosts and 30 year old speaker, we offer Only the best. Both of our Karaoke hosts are accomplished singers & love what they do so you know its going to be an Amazing night of singing & fun. We do not offer Karaoke machines for hire as that not the way to get the party started that just guarantees that someone will usually hog the system all night & sing what they want not what the crowed wants. Our hosts can sing many generous and know how to get people up dancing. All of our packages offer audio, lighting, LED Tv's & above all the best and latest music available. So if your after Amazing entertainment just pop us an email or call 1300 669 357 & let us show you the DDE difference.  

The Best Karaoke Toowoomba Ipswich Brisbane

Our 2 Karaoke Host are acomplished Singers and know how to get the party started. We dont offer cheap old fashined Karaoke ,Only the Best of Hosts & equipment.

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