Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

Wedding Cake Mapping is fast becoming the hottest new trend in Wedding Cakes. With the popularity and viral trending of the Disney Wedding Cake Projection Mapping as seen in this video on Youtube. you can rest assured that several companies will soon be offering this unique service. As Disney says “that a wedding cake is probably the most significant confection you’ll ever eat (and buy)- so why not turn it into a living piece of art?” So what is all involved in Cake Mapping you ask.

There are a lot of elements that go in to mapping a Cake from the shape and number of tiers involved. Each tier can have as many as 8 surfaces to map, however most will map just 2 sides or 4 surfaces.  then you need to decide if each tier will have a different image playing or the same.  Will it be as complex as the Disney 3D cake with Tinker Bell and the Cinderella Carriage or a little less complex with just some great content and your names appearing on the Wedding Cake or simpler yet with just some great graphics. In any case you want to make sure to you hire the right company to map your cake because this is not a cheap endeavour as prices can range from $600 to as much as 2900 for the Disney cake (according to ) with most priced at around $890.  Mind you this is for the mapping on a fake cake and the cost of the cake is a separate pricing structure all together.  It’s best to work with a Wedding Event Designer who already has a relationship with a baker.  This way you can insure your cake and mapping will be the best it can be.

DDE has such a relationship with a local baker in our area. We also have the information necessary to communicate with any professional baker in QLD to construct a cake for mapping.  most mapping projects take anywhere from 1 week or month to as much as 3 months to create.  As a professional Wedding Event company DDE can help you create the most amazing experience for your guest at your wedding celebration.


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